Coviant Software Announces Diplomat Managed File Transfer v6.0 with Diplomat Cloud Connector

Coviant Software releases Diplomat Managed File Transfer v6.0 with Diplomat Cloud Connector, performance enhancements and more flexible SQL audit database capabilities.

With Diplomat Cloud Connector, trading partners or remote offices no longer need a separate OpenPGP solution to encrypt and decrypt files. No FTP or secure FTP servers are needed outside the firewall in order to exchange files. Since Diplomat MFT manages both OpenPGP encryption and file transfer, no other encryption application or file transfer application is needed.

Diplomat Cloud Connector enables:

  • Transport session authentication with OpenPGP keys
  • Automatic OpenPGP encryption and decryption of files sent between Diplomat MFT and Diplomat Cloud Connector sites
  • Checksum file verification
  • Checkpoint restart capability

Performance enhancements in Diplomat MFT v6.0 focus on memory management. “Diplomat v6.0 improves memory usage for better overall performance,” says Jim Ford, CTO at Coviant Software. “Based on input from some of our larger customers, we wanted to improve the performance of large jobs that process thousands of files.”

Diplomat MFT v6.0 expands the range of SQL databases that can be used by Diplomat MFT to capture audit data by supporting custom connections to SQL databases.

About Coviant Software
Coviant Software has been a trusted provider of secure file transfer and OpenPGP encryption solutions for 10 years. Coviant Software delivers Managed File Transfer solutions to improve the productivity of file transfer administrators. Diplomat Managed File Transfer software uses Intelligent File Transfer(TM) design with embedded secure file transfer logic, so file transfer experts can quickly design and deploy file transfer jobs with fewer errors and failed transfers.

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