New Cloud Based Sales Platform Offers Unprecedented StubHub Integration and Industry Centralization

on April 23rd, BrokerVisions releases their revolutionary new Point of Sale and Web Platform,BrokersCloud, to the public. BrokersCloud’s breakthrough technology and full integration with StubHub will disrupt the secondary market- uniting and connecting competitors where there was no connection before and relaying information at unprecedented speeds, all possible “from your iPad on the Beach.”

BrokerVisions has been synonymous with innovation since it introduced the first ever cloud based Point of Sale system in the secondary ticket market in 2012, the BrokersBoard. Since then, CEO Arthur Perrin has used the data and feedback collected from the BrokersBoard, his two decades of industry experience and a brilliant tech team to create the ultimate tool for the secondary market. Offering real-time StubHub integration, Cloud hosting, broker’s marketplace, auto processing, bar-code management, custom reports and E-ticket management – just to name a few – BrokersCloud has incorporated any function a broker could dream of in a Point of Sale, in real time and made it user friendly.

This feature-rich Platform exemplifies how technological innovation can revolutionize an industry and add value across the board. BrokersCloud has achieved a tighter integration with industry giant StubHub than StubHub has with its own POS, Ticket Technology. The real time integration will help brokers move their inventory effortlessly while increasing the fluidity and relativity of the inventory listed on StubHub, improving the StubHub customer experience. This product will positively affect millions of consumers and brokers that take advantage of that will be poised to increase their profits.

A product of collaboration, BrokersCloud also enables collaboration amongst its users. Charging no additional fees, the real time marketplace will allow brokers access to inventory and pricing like never before, and the cloud hosting allows them to do it from anywhere in the world. The auto-processing functions and access to marketplaces makes this efficient centralized hub the new heart of the industry. To innovate with the industry, join BrokersCloud today.

The product launch will be coordinated by the ticketing industry’s source for technology for brokers – Symbioticks. For more information email or call 702-448-8895 and select option 3 for Media and Partner Relations.

BrokerVisions: BrokerVisions is a 21st Century Tech Company that develops and offers powerful, yet elegantly innovative solutions developed with the ticket broker in mind, for the secondary ticket markets: see, for more information.

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